I am a self taught artist living in San Francisco with my wife, my dog Buster and my two cats.
I have always believed in the use of accessible materials as part of the natural process of creating art. Early in my career I began cutting up magazines and newspapers lying around in my studio and gluing them to a canvas as a means of necessity. It was revealed to me only later, how much art history preceded this natural progression of using everyday items as a valuable means of expression. I believe that if you love to make art, nothing should get in your way. As a self taught artist, I have had to work hard to keep my career as an artist within reach.

My technique is called collage or photo-montage, and requires many hours of assembling, cutting and pasting hundreds of tiny paper pieces onto canvas to create a finished work of art.

The starting point of my collage portraits begins with a photograph. When I begin, I draw out a grid, like a blueprint drawing. I study the image focusing on the details and subtle nuances of the mouth and eyes that make every work of art unique. I try to capture the vitality of my subject in each picture I create. I find shades of all different colors and textures within the pages of the magazines themselves and cut them out to create each portrait.